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  • acetate foil boxes, box, boxes, cardboard, cardboard boxes, cardboards, carton, cartons, container, containers, corrugated, cosmetics packaging products, drug packaging products, floor stands, foil, foil stamped boxes, food packaging products, metallized boxes, metallized printed boxes, micro laminated boxes, offset, offset products, pack, package, packages, packaging, packaging materials, packaging products, packing, packs, paper box, paper boxes, print, printing, stands, textile packaging prod
    Being experienced in production of carton packaging AL OFSET MATBAA supplies any needs of cardboard box, micro- corrugated box, carton labels and stands with quality and the
    Telephone: +90 212 709 90 30 Address: Akçaburgaz Mah. 3073. Sokak, 4/2, Esenyurt, İstanbul,Turkey
  • petroleum products, petrochemicals, petrochemical products, additives, polymers, paints, resins, construction chemicals, detergents, adhesives, rubbers, cables, tyres, plastics, packings, nanotechnological lubricants, inks, glasses, candles, base oils, industrial oils, paraffin waxes, process oils, microcrystalline waxes, slack waxes, tranfsormer oils, white oils, paraffin oils, acetic acid, acetone, butyl acetate, butyl glycol, bisphenol-a, caustic soda, diethylene glycol (deg), ethylene, ethyl
    As Aleph Petroleum we supply petroleum products, petrochemicals, petrochemical products, additives, polymers, paints, resins, construction chemicals, detergents, adhesives,
    Telephone: +90 216 504 49 00 Address: Buyaka2 Sit. Kule: 3, Ümraniye, İstanbul, Turkey
  • packages, packings, paper packages, paper packings, paper packagings, packagings, package, packing, paper package, paper packing, paper packaging, packaging, printing and packing products, printing products, packing products, paper products, paper packages, carton packings, smear micro packagings, packagings acetate, thermolack blister cards, offset pizza boxes, offset catering boxes, offset carton bags, pizza and catering packagings, pizza packagings, catering packagings, carton bags
    Alfa Printing, today more than 100 people and experienced technical staff and by following the progress of technological innovations, 6,000 m2, 1,000 m2 7,000 m2 of open
    Telephone: +90 212 689 58 00 Address: İstiklal Mahallesi Barış Manço Caddesi No : 1 Kıraç – Esenyurt – İstanbul , Turkey
  • ethanol, ethyl acetate, ethyl alcohol, commodities, food grade, olive oil
    Cavendish is a bulk commodities trading company, with its head office in Dubai UAE. Our main products are Ethanol, Ethyl Acetate, Wheat, Rice, Flour, Olives and Olive Oils.
    Telephone: 971-4-4563536 Address: 1707, Business Tower, Al Abraj Street, Business Bay
  • acetate packaging, boxes, cardboard boxes, cardboard packaging, cartons, cosmetics packaging products, food packaging products, industrial packaging products, metalized printed boxes, offset products, packaging materials, packaging products, paper packaging, paper products, pharmaceutical packaging, printing and packaging products, printing products, stands, termolakl, textile packaging products
    Telephone: +90 565 11 22 Address: O.S.B. Mutfakçılar San. Sit. 14. Cd M-6 Blok No: 57 Başakşehir / İSTANBUL
  • cosmetics chemical, cosmetics chemicals, textile chemical, textile chemicals, paint chemical, paint chemicals, cleaning chemical, cleaning chemicals, plastic chemical, plastic chemical, packaging chemical, packaging chemicals, agriculture chemicals, agriculture chemical, acetic acid, ammonium chloride, barium carbonates, bee wax, benzoic acid, benzyl alcohol, boric acid, cacao butter, citric acid, calcium propionate, gum rosin, ethyl acetate, vaseline, zin exide, zinc powder, zinc sulfate, silic
    As a key player in international trade for over 20 years, Hatkim Chemicals is involved in the import, export, storage and marketing of chemical products. Cosmetics, textile,
    Telephone: +90 216 321 82 82 Address: Kısıklı Cad. No.1, Uzay Apt. A Blok, Kat 3, D.10, Altunizade / İstanbul / Turkey
  • prednisolone acetate ep, amlodipine besylate bp, lorsartan potassium usp, clopidogrel hydrogen sulphate, rabeprazole sodium s- amlodipine besylate, ph eur, ph eur- mometasone furoate ph eur, omeprazole pellets 8.5%
    The jorney of indijaa international began in year 2010 .We at indijaa international are focus on providing best quality, service and product to our customer .our mission is to
    Telephone: +919712008588 Address: 10, shrushti complex
  • Mono Ethylene Glycol, Tri Ethylene Glycol, Methyl Acetate
    we are one of the prominent manufacture-seller and export following products with high quality and pretty competitive price in
    Telephone: +988632212556 Address: Shariati SQ, Arak-Iran
  • iso amyl alcohol, iso amyl acetate, iso amyl salicylate, iso amyl phenyl acetate, amyl acetate
    Manufacturer of Iso amyl alcohol, iso amyl acetate, iso amyl phenyl acetate, iso amyl salicylate, etc, distributors of Rose Bengal Dye (Acid red 94) and Sulfonated Castor Oil
    Telephone: 9869325102 Address: D/16, 204, Yogi Tulsi, Yogi Nagar, Eksar Road, Borivali (west)
  • binders, resins, pure acrylic copolymers, styrene acrylic copolymers, vinyl versatate copolymers, vinyl acrylic copolymers, homopolymer, thermoplastic acrylic resin, long alkyd resins, medium alkyd resins, short alkyd resinssolvents, n-butyle acetate, methyl ethyl ketone, normal butanol, butyle glycol acetate, butyl triglycol ether, toluene, benzyl alcohol, acetone, pigments, additives, plastic, polypropylene, polypropylene homopolymer, polypropylene copolymer, polypropylene random copolymer, polyvinyl chloride, polyvinyl chloride emulsion, suspension polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, high-density polyethylene), medium-density polyethylene, low-density polyethylene, linear low-density polyethylene, polystyrene, general purpose polystyrene, high impact polystyrene, polyethylene terephthalate, masterbatch, black masterbatchcolor masterbatch, additive masterbatches, optical brightener masterbatches, titanium dioxide, organic and inorganic pigments, dyes, fillers, anti-foam additives, biocides, thickening agents, wetting agents, dispersing additives, detergent, cosmetics, caustic soda flakes, caustic soda pearls, sulfonic acid, sodium sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, linear alkyl benzene sulphonic acid, soda ash dense, iron sulphate, butyl glycol, formaldehyde, labsa, sodium meta silicate, di ethanol amine, fragrances, food grade chemicals, lactic acid, sodium bicarbonate, calcium chloride, phosphoric acid, urea, ascorbic acid, potassium sorbate
    Nassroglu Kimya is a one of Almadina Misurata Holding companies, and was established in 2015 to operate in the chemical sector. Almadina Misurata has been working in the Paint and
    Telephone: +90 212 803 26 54 Address: Giyim Sanatkarları Ticaret Merkezi, 3 C Blok, No: 220, İOSB, Başakşehir, İstanbul, Turkey
  • Petrochemical products, acetone, methanol, ipa, ethanol, meg, deg, tdı, mdı, ethly acetate, butly acetate, chafing dish fuel
    We are importer and exporter petro chemical products such as Methanol,Ethanol and so on.Our another job,we are manifacturing and exporting chafing dish
    Telephone: 05423099032 Address: Barbaros Mah. Ak Zambak Sokak Uphill Court Tower A blok Daire :57 Ataşehir İstanbul/Türkiye
  • acetate box, blister, blister lock, blister packing, box, fold box, packaging, pet box, plastic box, pvc box, transparent box, vacuum, vacuum packaging
    Telephone: +90 (212) 637 23 01 - 02 Address: İkitelli Organize San. Bölgesi Demirciler San. Sitesi B-4 Blok No:111 - İkitelli, Turkey
  • chemicals, adhesives, glues, pvc adhesives, po hot melt adhesives, po adhesives, hot melt adhesives, hotmelt adhesives, eva hot melt adhesives, eva adhesives, pur hot melt adhesives, pur adhesives, reactive polyurethane adhesives, psa hot melt adhesives, psa adhesives, pressure sensitive adhesives, solvent based adhesives, solvent based glues, casein adhesives, synthetic polymer adhesives, polymer adhesives, urea formaldehyde adhesives, polyvinyl acetate adhesives, polyolefin adhesives, ethylene
    Prusa was founded in 2012 in Bursa city of Turkey and is specialized in industrial adhesives and supplying them to customers in all over the country. Prusa is the distributor of
    Telephone: +90 224 363 60 10 Address: Ertuğrul Mah., Bursa Gıda Toptancıları Sitesi, 114. Sokak, E Blok, No: 17, Nilüfer, Bursa, Turkey
  • medical materials, medical solutions, solutions, disinfectants, consumables, medical consumables, hemodialysis concentrates, hemodialysis disinfectants, hemodialysis consumables, hemodialysis solutions, acid concentrates, basic concentrates, powder bicarbonates, bicarbonate hemodialysis solutions, dialysers, arter ven sets, arter-ven sets, dialysis cathaters, cathaters, arterial venous blood lines, blood lines, acetate solutions, bicarbonate solutions, fistula needles, dialysis machines
    Our founder Mr.A.Celalettin Sener who has started business life as a pharmacist at 1978, has entered manufacturing by founding Farmakon Medicine Kimya ve Tic. AS. With the
    Telephone: +90 332 342 56 60 Address: Büyükkayacık OSB Mah., 8 Nolu Sk. No: 7/1, Selçuklu, Konya, Turkey
  • acetic acid, ammonium chloride, barium chloride, chromic acid, copper sulphate, glycerin, hydrazine hydrate, nitric acid, oxalic acid, phosphoric acid, sodium acetate, sodium bichromate, sodium chlorite, sodium hydroxide, sodium metasilikat, sodium sulphide, trisodium phosphate, urea, zinc chloride
    Telephone: 0212 438 41 96 Address: Tekstil Kent Ticaret Merkezi A15 Blok No : 47 Esenler / İstanbul, Turkey
  • watch, ladies watches, watches men wrist, quartz watch, mechanical watch, acetate watch, alloy watch, stainless steel watch, custom watch, wholesale watch, dropshipping watch, OEM watch, ODM watch
    Watch, Watch factory, custom(support small order), wholesale(support small order), OEM/ODM(support small order), Dropshipping, Specializing in the production of acetate &
  • polyethylene, polystyrene, high-density polyethylene, low-density polyethylene, linear low-density polyethylene, polypropylene, polyethylene terephthalate, pet, pp homopolymer, expandable polystyrene, eps, pp block copolymer, pp random copolymer, polyvinyl chloride, pvc, ethylene vinyl acetate, eva, ethylene butyl acrylate, eba, plastic raw material, plastic raw materials, polymer, polymers
    Silco has been actively operating with its staff specialized in the plastics sector since 1980s and carries out the trading and distribution of Polymers in Turkey and the
    Telephone: +90 216 577 64 80 Address: Küçükbakkalköy Mh. Ayşe Hatun Çeşme Sk. Onur Plaza, No:3/9, Ataşehir, İstanbul, Turkey
  • luxury box, packaging boxes, customised packaging boxes, watch boxes, phone boxes, bedding box, Box, Boxes, Cardboard, Carton, Corrugated, Packaging, Cardboard Box, Acetate Boxes, Box Cardboard, Box Carton, Box Cartons, Box Corrugated, Box Shipping, Box Manufacturing, Box Packaging, Box Printing, Box Supplier, Boxes Cardboard, Boxes Cartons, Boxes Corrugated, Boxes Packaging, Boxes Shipping, Boxes Gift, Boxes Supplier, Buy Boxes, Cardboard Boxes, Cardboard Carton, Cardboard Cartons, Cardboard Containers, Cardboard Corrugated, Cardboard Packaging, Cardboard Packing, Cardboard Manufacturing, Cardboard Supplier, Cardboards Boxes, Carton Box, Carton Boxes, Carton Packaging, Carton Supplier, Cartons Boxes, Chipboard Box, Chocolate Box, Clear Boxes
    If You are looking for a unique, customised packaging box for Your company’s products feel free to contact us. Simsa Group supplying companies Louis Vuitton, Seiko, Gant,
    Telephone: +905453359526 Address: Beysan Sanayi Sitesi,Fuar Cadesi NO 23, Beylikduzu 34524,
  • ingredients, raw materials, chemicals, water, sugar, corn syrup, sunflower, cocoa, soy protein isolate, magnesium phosphat, potassium chloride, cellulose gel, salt, calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, sodium ascorbate, soy lecithin, choline bitartrate, alpha tocopheryl acetate, machinery, poultry, poultry machine, poultry machinery, poultry health product, ascorbic acid, flavour, zinc sulfate, vitamin, vitamine, manganese sulfate, copper sulfate, riboflavin, chromium chloride
    With Headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria, Turquoise is an international link between suppliers and customers. Turquoise is active in sourcing and marketing ingredients and raw
    Telephone: +90 533 593 12 41 Address: Dadurga Mahallesi, Cennet Doğa Caddesi, No:4-14/B, Çankaya, Ankara, Turkey
  • ester gum, poly vinyl acetate(pvac)
    We are a leading manufacture of Ester gum and PVAC,establish in 1992 We have passed FDA,KOSHER,HALAL
    Telephone: 86-510-83910796 Address: Xibei Town,Wuxi City,Jiangsu,China
  • acetate taffeta, acetate twill, acetate satin, polyester taffeta
    Telephone: (90)(212) 233 20 22 Address: HACI MANSUR SK.NO:16 ŞİŞLİ
  • acetate, saten acetate, twill acetate, taffeta acetate, nylon acetate, polyester acetate
    Telephone: 2959160 Address: çobançeşme cad. Lise Sok. No:1 Merkez Mah. Kağıthane
  • Ethyl Hexanol, Ethyl Hexyl Acrylate, Alcohols, Amines, Anhydrite On, Transparencies, Nail Polish Remover, Butanol, Butyl Acrylate, Butyl Acetate, Butyl Glycol, Leather Chemicals, Printing Thinner, Diethanolamine, Diethylene Glycol, Other Products, Industrial Thinner, Ethyl Acrylate, Ethyl Acetate, Ethyl Glycol, Phthalic Anhydride, Oven Thinner, Glycol Ethers, Esters, Glycols, Air Drying Thinner, Indian Oil, Ketones, Chlorinated Solvents, Monomers, Maleic Anhydride, Methyl Ethyl Ketone, Methyl Methacrylate Monomer, Methyl Proksitol, Methyl Acetate Proksitol, Methyl Isobutyl Ketone, Methylene Chloride, Mono Ethylene Glycol, Mono Propylene Glycol, Monoethanolamine, Perchloroethylene, Cellulosic Thinner, Synthetic Thinner, Cyclohexanone, Styrene Monomer, Toluene Diisocyanate, Tri Methyl Propane, Triethanolamine, Trichloroethylene, Thinners, Vinyl Acetate Monomer, Vam, Iso Butanol, Iso Butyl Acetate, Iso Propyl Alcohol
    Telephone: 90 212 272 45 80 Address: Merkez Mahallesi Köyaltı Mevkii Kavak Sokak No:12 34197 BahçelievlerYenibosna / İstanbul / Turkey
  • methylene chloride, aniline, dimethyl formamide, dimethyl carbonate, isopropyl alcohol, propylene glycol, acetic acid, ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, refined naphthalene
    Dongying Rich Chemical Co., Ltd. is the subsidiary company of Shandong Jinhao
    Telephone: +86-15166298746 Address: No.270,Nanyi Road,Donying,Shandong,China
  • chemicals, acids, alcohols, chlorinated solvents, esters, oils, ketones, pigments, hydrocarbons, glycols, acetone, butyl fluid, butyl acetate, adipic acid, ethyl acetate, hexan, ethyl alcohol, iso butyl acetate, iso propyl alcohol
    Izomer Chemical JSC is one of the major suppliers and distributors of raw chemicals in Turkey, was established in 1981 by dealing mainly with Solvent Trade to the regional
    Telephone: +90 212­ 669­ 77­ 00 Address: Bahçeşehir Ardıç Road. Badem 04 Ada Villa No:04 34538 Başakşehir / İstanbul, Turkey
  • textile, fabric, polyester, acetate, nylon acetate, viscose, jacquard
    Telephone: 3206376 Address: DEREBOYU CAD. NO :28
  • chemical, chemicals, chemical product, chemical products, methyl acetate
  • electronic wire, electronic wires, electric wires, electric cables, coaxial cable, coaxial electric conductors, insulated winding wires, insulated conductors underwater land, silicon acetate and copper conductors
    TEM KABLO DONANIMLARI SAN.VE T IC.LTD.ŞTI makes the manufacture of electric wires and cables.
    Telephone: 0264-2413107  Address: Hanlı Köy Mah.Güllü Sokak No:20/A Arifiye / Sakarya, Turkey
  • cigarette filter, cigaratte filters, filter rod, filter rods, cigarette filter rod, cigarette filter rods, acetate filter, acetate filters, slim filter, slim filters, recessed filter, recessed filters, roll-your-own type filter, roll-your-own type filters, charcoal filter, charcoal filter, mono acetate filter, mono acetate filters, cigarette acetate filter, cigarette acetate filters, cigarette slim filter, cigarette slim filters, cigarette recessed filter, cigarette recessed filters, cigarette r
    Mersin in 2006 entered into operation in our company is the first and only company engaged in the production of cigarette filters in Turkey. With our experience in filter
    Telephone: +90 324 676 48 25 Address: Mersin OSB., 5. Cd., No: 11, Akdeniz, Mersin, Turkey
  • turning unit, transfer unit, muhi̇mmat transport conveyor, chain drilled roller conveyor, miniature conveyor, acetate belt conveyor, straight flat conveyor systems
    Telephone: (90)(212) 671 42 10 Address: I.O.S.B.METAL IS SAN.SIT. 8 BL OK NO 40
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